Also known as a standard straw or regular-sized straw, these are one of the most commonly used. Perfect for sodas, juices, and alcohol mixed drinks, they also come in various styles and colours as well as wrapped or unwrapped options which are a great solution for busy cafeterias or fast food restaurants. Also available in dispenser boxes, customers like the idea that they stay clean and untouched until ready to use and they provide better protection against the spread of bacteria. Both sturdy and non-toxic, these paper straws are another reason we feel good about what we do. If you are a business looking to make the switch to paper in your establishment, contact us today for a wholesale or bulk quote. We would be happy to assist you in making the transition to a safer, Canadian made, Biodegradable, FDA approved product.

6mm Ø
197mm – 7.75” Length

Wrapped or Unwrapped Straws

  • Bulk packed - 325 per pkg / Unwrapped - 20 pkg per case
  • Bulk packed - 250 per pkg / Wrapped - 18 pkg per case
  • Dispenser Box - 500 per box / Unwrapped - 12 box per case
  • Dispenser Box - 250 per box / Wrapped - 12 box per case