High quality bubble tea (boba) straws make it easy to sip those delicious beverages that involve drinking tea and sucking tapioca pearls or thick smoothies & milkshakes through a wide straw. It has become a Canadian sensation and no matter how you make it, the “fat straws” are required. All our straws are FDA approved, non-toxic and biodegradable. You will not have any concerns when it comes to the authenticity and durability of a Future Care straw. This is just one small step YOU can take to preserve our world for the next generation one eco-friendly straw at a time. Do your part in protecting our oceans, rivers and the marine life that live there by choosing paper straws. We would be happy to assist you in making the transition to a safer, Canadian made, Biodegradable, FDA approved product

10mm Ø
254mm - 10” length

Unwrapped, Wrapped (optional)

  • Bulk Packed - 125
  • Bulk Packed Wrapped - 100